Off-Ice Conditioning at Paramount Iceland has been specifically developed for the needs of ice skaters



Off-Ice Conditioning Class Description


Classes are one hour in length and include the following age, fitness and skating level appropriate components

  • Plyometrics - dynamic warmup, box jumps, hurdle jumps, mini-trampoline drills and explosive calisthenics designed to increase muscle quickness, jump height and stamina.
  • Strength/Resistance Training - kettlebells, medicine balls, dumbbells, elastic resistance and body weight exercises designed to increase functional strength,muscular endurance, explosive power and stability.
  • Balance Training - various forms of instability (balance cushions, foam rollers, mats,etc.) are used to challenge and improve single leg balance and core strength/stabilization and minimize muscle imbalances.
  • Interval Training - strength, balance and cardio exercises done in various alternating work/rest ratios designed to increase muscular and cardiovascular endurance and improve program performance.
  • Core Strength Training - a combination of static and dynamic exercises designed to increase the strength and endurance of the core musculature as both prime mover and stabilizer.
  • Flexibility Training - cool down stretching to lengthen muscles, improve joint range of motion, release tightness and tension and prevent injury.