Paramount Iceland Skating Classes



10 Week Semesters


Skating School

Our skating school offers group classes for all ages and levels.

Paramount Iceland's enthusiastic and dedicated coaching staff encourages skaters of all ages and all levels to have fun while learning the basic skills associated with ice skating. We use the Learn to Skate USA curriculum. Our instructors work as a team with a common goal of promoting the wonderful sport of ice skating. We encourage and reward skaters as they advance through our skating school structure. Skaters in class learn skills from each level. We offer additional practice times where skaters make new friends while improving their skills. We encourage group participation in shows, recitals, and competitions for all levels and all ages. Our skating school pipeline will direct skaters toward the style of skating they most enjoy. We offer Singles Skating, Theatre on Ice Team skating, Synchronized Skating teams, Ice Dancing, and Ice Hockey clinic.

Semesters run 10 weeks long year-round, classes are held on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday (call for times for your specific class).

Join at the beginning of our next 10 week semester for $135.00. This fee includes:

  • 30 minute group class once per week
  • Free public skating session on the day of class
  • Free skate rental on the day of class

We recommend that skaters attend classes twice per week for improved learning. There is an additional fee of $120.00 for the second day of class.  For $255.00 a skater will receive 10 weeks of classes, twice per week with public session admission and skate rental on those class days.

Single trial classes and drop in classes are available for $20.00 each.



  • Q: How do I start? A: Ages 3-7 start in our Beginning Blades program. Everyone else starts in ages 7 and up start in Basic 1.
  • Q: Do I need my own skates? A: Skate rental is included on your class day. For practice days, the skate rental charge is $4.00 plus $10.00 admission. Owning your own skates will help you progress faster.
  • Q: What do I wear? A: Dress in layers, you will warm up. Wear long flexible pants or tights. It is very important to wear gloves to protect your hands, as it is icy. Little ones should wear "water-resistant" pants as they sit on the ice while learning to safely fall and stand up.
  • Q: How do I sign up? A: Come to the box office. Please arrive at least 30 minutes before class time.

Description of Classes

Please note: Not all classes are offered every semester and classes may be combined. Discounts are available for multiple classes taken by the same skater.

Beginning Blades- First time skaters with the goal of gaining independence on the ice

Basic 1- Sit and stand up, Forward Glide, Dip, Rocking Horse, Swizzles, Stops Alternating Swizzle Pumps

Basic 2- Forward 1-Ft glide, Back 2-Ft Glide, Back Swizzles, Snowplow Stop, Swizzle Pumps

Basic 3- Stroking, Half swizzles, 2-Ft Turns, Slaloms, 2-Ft Spin, Back 1-Ft Glides

Basic 4- Forward, Inside & Outside Edges on a Circle, Forward Crossovers, Forward 3 Turns

Basic 5- Back Edges on circle, Back Crossovers, 1-Ft Spin, Hockey Stop T-stop, Bunny Hop, Spiral

Basic 6- Forward inside 3 turns, T-Stop, Bunny Hop, Spiral, Lunge

Pre-Free Skate- Mohawks, Back to Forward Transitions, Waltz Jump, 1ft Spin, Side Toe Hop

Free Skate 1- Consecutive Forward Edges, Back Outside 3 Turns, Half Flip, and Toe Loop

Free Skate 2- Alternating Spirals, Back Consecutive Edges, Back Inside 3 Turns, Back Spin, Half Lutz, Salchow

Specialty Classes

Production Team- Skaters Basic 6 and above develop skating skills as a team for performance.

Learn to Skate USA Synchro 1-Skaters Basic 5 and below, ages 9 and under. For skaters interested in the “team experience”. Skaters learn to skate their basic elements in unison with formations.